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I am always excited to arrange flowers.

I want to cherish how people feel the music.

I am honoured to capture memories for my clients.


My goal is to assist people when they reminisce about their trip.

This is the main concept for my business and I thank them for asking for my serivce.

Truthfully, these words that I have received make me feel that I am honoured to have met them.






words to appreciate

England & Spain



I was delighted with the way that Kaz captured my fun dives. As an Open Water Scuba Instructor I have seen many video clips of scuba diving and I can honestly say that the way Kaz captures the experience is unique and brilliant. The quality of the videography, the music choice and overall production is fantastic and will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling and possibly tears in your eyes!


-from a couple who are both scuba instructors.




Kaz, We can't thank you enough for the brilliant video you made for us. All the family and friends who have watched it were amazed, jealous and can't wait for their turn !! It will bring us a lot of happiness and when we look at it and remember the good times we had with you all in Koh Tao.


-from a couple who came Koh Tao to see their daughter and her boyfriend .






*English: The video he made for us has very good scenes and music, which makes us feel the video is wonderful no matter how many times we watch it. We are very happy to have this memory from the trip. Very polite and thoughtful follow-up, too.  It was very nice meeting him during our stay.


-from a couple who came Koh Tao for their precious holidays.

Canada & Australia



Kaz made a diving video for us during our stay at Koh Tao in Thailand. We had already purchased a group video during our stay and felt that we wanted a more intimate video to show our families back home. We discussed what we were looking for and when we were diving and Kaz was more than happy to oblige. He came on 2 dives with our small group of 3 and with the time he had with us, made a lengthy video that we are over the moon about! It was the showpiece to our accumulated media that we invited friends and family over to view.


-from a couple and their good friend who I had a wonderful diving trips.



Having seen some of Somyaku's work before, I thought I had an idea of what our movie would be like. I was wrong, in the most positive way imaginable. My girlfriend and I wanted to get the memory of her Open Water Course on film, and asked Somyaku to make the movie. The way he personalized it and captures the essence of "us" still amazes me each time I watch it. He made such a intimate, beautiful and spectacular movie of us, with focus what made us and our dives unique. And not just the video, but they way he tailored the way he filmed and the music he added. It truly was amazing to watch, and still is! We can't thank him enough for this!


-from a couple who had a beautiful reunion in Koh Tao and enjoyed diving togather.






Thank you so much kaz for the video you made for Rainbow divers Nha Trang.

This promotional video is exactly what we needed to help passers by see the beauty of the diving we have on our doorstep! The music compliments the beautiful footage you captured and the resolution is top! We are all so impressed and proud to show it off to our customers!

The fact you we able to produce such a video on only the short time is even more remarkable! Just know that your work is played hourly in our shop and gets a lot of interest from people! Thank you again and I very much hope to see you in the not too distant future!


-from Rainbow Divers in Nha Trang, Vietnam

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